Video Poker for Beginners

The Basics

Video Poker machines look almost identical to slot machines so they are the same thing, right? Wrong! Slot machines are truly a game of luck. You pay, you pull the lever, you win or lose and nothing you can do can change the outcome of the game.

Video Poker machines are very different. Similar to Five Card Draw poker, video poker machines are a game of skill as well as luck and the way you play your hands of cards can greatly influence whether you win or lose and you can always tell the payout percentage by just looking at the machine. The machine will have it right if front! You can’t miss it!

How to Play

Video poker is a very simple game to learn how to play. Unlike traditional poker games you are playing against the machine, not a table full of people. You put in your money, most accept bills and cards. Then press the ‘Deal’ button and the machine deals you a hand of five cards. You choose what cards, if any to discard then the machine will deal you the number of cards you tossed out and there you are. Just like traditional poker, you build a hand out of the five cards that you have. To see a ranking of hands read this article. It’s really that simple, but there are things you need to know.

First thing you need to know.

There are several different kinds of video poker machines out there but the one that is the most common is Jacks or Better and it is the simplest to play. The object of this game, just like all poker games is to try to get the best hand possible. Like the name suggests these machines will pay out on any hand that contains a pair of jacks or better.

Second thing you need to know.

Pay tables
As I metioned in the second paragraph by looking at the pay tables you will see how the machine is programmed to pay out. There are two types of Jacks or Better video poker machines out there today. One is called the 9/6 game and the other is the 8/5 game. These numbers refer to the payout on the Full House and the Flush and you’ll see it right there on the screen. The machine will TELL YOU how it will pay out. If you get a Full House on a 9/6 Jacks or Better machine, at full bet the machine will pay you 9-1 or in other words for every coin you bet you will win back 9. If you get a Flush on a 9/6 machine you will win 6 for every coin bet. These machines offer great odds for your gambling dollar and a standard 9/6 machine will pay out %99.54 of for every $100 spent you will receive $99.54, pretty great odds.

Third you need to know

Superstitions don’t work.
Jacks or Better video poker machined operate with a computer chip called a Ramdom Number Generator (RNG) that reshuffle a 52 card deck after every hand, and they ARE completely random.

1.A machine isn’t hot or cold, it is always the same and doesn’t change.

2. A machine is never ‘Due’ to hit. Again the RNG makes sure every hand is completely random.

3. Streaks. Video poker machines are not programmed to have winning or losing streaks/ The RNG makes everything random…seeing a theme here?


So that’s it, the basics of video poker. It palys like traditional poker. Find yourself a Jacks or Better machine and MAKE SURE you play a 9/6 game!!! If you play an 8/5 game your chances of winning go down dramatically. Good luck!!!!!