Types of Online Casinos: Download or Flash

The Two Types

If you are just starting to explore the world of online casinos you will notice that there are two different platforms to use while playing your favorite games Download or Flash. These are two different ways to play the same games and there advantages and disadvantages to each of them. Neither is better than the other and with this article, we’ll try to explain the difference and help you choose which is better for you.

Flash or No Download Casinos

A flash game is a game that is played on your web browser such as Safari without having to be downloaded first, of course you will need to have the Flash plug-in for the game to operate correctly.
Flash games are very convenient. As opposed to having to wait for the casino to download, the Flash games are available for instant play on your device. It’s a very easy and much faster way to enjoy your online casino experience without worrying about malware and viruses and if you’re not satisfied there is nothing to uninstall.
Also you can play from any computer or device without having to have the software already installed, all you need is your name username and password.
In exchange for this wonderful sort of freedom there are trade-offs. Not every web browser will support every casino game and some won’t support flash at all, in addition the sound and graphics of flash based games are not as good as the downloaded ones.

Download Casinos

The premier gaming experience comes from playing downloaded casino games. The graphics and sounds are generally superior and because the game is stored on your computer the action is much more seamless.
These versions will usually offer all of the features that might not be found on a Flash game because all of the information that the program needs to run is already stored on your computer. As you play the game it won’t need to exchange a lot of information over the internet with the hosting company and so is much quicker. Downloded casinos will also offer many more games than the Flash version will.
Casinos that are downloaded from the internet onto your computer enter into and are stored on your hard-drive so make sure that you only use a reputable casino with secure software and information storage.

So, Which One to Use

There isn’t a better version to use all the time. It really all depends on the player, the device and the game. While downloaded casinos offer, hands down, a better gaming experience you must download the casino and you can only use the computer that has the program, and there are far too many casinos to download them all.
Flash casinos offer the availability of playing at many different casinos from many different devices but the experience won’t be as rich or seamless as a downloaded version.

So the choice is yours but either way good luck and Play the World!